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The Art Report: Art Basel

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It’s that time again for Art Basel, one of the country’s most awesome art shows held annually in Miami.
Art fanatics from all over the world come together to celebrate the festivities.
Oh how I wish I was going to be there with one of our fellow DR bloggers, Mariska.
What’s hot this year in the art world?


it’s currently all the rage in the scene.
Check out the works featured at NotAGallery, totally affordable versions of the wild works under $300.
I would buy these birchwood beauties up in a Miami minute.
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You’re Invited: Jackson Pollock Cocktail Party

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November is my birthday month and since Jackson Pollock and I were born in same small town in Wyoming, he became the inspiration for this month’s You’re Invited.  Just be sure your guests have a safe and sober ride home.


I created this invitation on Photoshop from Pollock’s Lavender, but if you don’t use Photoshop try Word or have postcards made at your local printer.



Since this party is scheduled for after dinner, food is less important, but it’s still nice to have something to nibble on while imbibing.

1. Splattered Pretzel Sticks – Melt 2 -3 types of chips (dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, butterscotch, or peanut butter) slowly (and seperately) in microwave.  Once melted, dip pretzel sticks and let excess drip off.  Set aside to let dry.  When dry, drizzle contrasting mixture over top.
2. Veggie Plate – Transform a simple veggie plate by drizzling the condiments over the top.  Balsamic vinegar, mexican crema, aioli, basil puree, honey mustard and flavored oil are all good options.  Try drizzling a few complimentary condiments together such as balsamic and basil puree.  
3.  Confetti Cheese – Roll 1 goat cheese log in a mixture of 1/3 cup chopped red pepper, 1/4 cup chopped pecans, 1/3 cup chopped parsely, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/4 teaspoon ground pepper, 1/4 cup minced green onion.  Serve with toast points or crackers.




Fill squeeze bottles with different fresh homemade syrup flavors: chocolate, vanilla simple syrup, grenadine, pumpkin, basil puree, choose your favorites and set out suggested drink recipes and let your guests be the artist.  Drizzle syrup in chilled martini glass and top with shaken recipe.



Let your inner Pollock out a few days before the party and get to work on a few canvases of your own.

  1. Use painters drop cloth with your own Pollock-esque splatter for a table cloth.
  2. Buy enamelware platters to serve the party snacks.  I found this one on ebay.
  3. Use blank canvases for DIY drip art like this one from The Drip Artist.
 “Someone said that life is a party.  You join in after it’s started and leave before it’s finished.” Elsa Maxwell
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It’s all about Wallpaper: animals!

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Let’s have a look at some bold and beautiful wallpapers again. Animal prints on your wall, how about that? I’m so loving this look right here


I’m sure I’m not the only one…


Even small spaces look great with this fabulous wallpaper, don’t you think?
This beauty is similar to the black and blue ones above. Find this and much more here.
If you love zebra prints but in other colors, go here.
Above we have a Neisha Crosland interpretation of zebra wallpaper.
Would you cover you walls with groovy wallpapers like these? I think I would!
An old favorite of mine is snake skin pattern, like this amazing black one here. Would you believe it’s wallpaper? Look here for more inspiration.
Not convinced the snake skin imitation is your thing? How about this pink one is by Meg Mathews for Liberty. Pretty glamorous, right?
Cheetah in black’n’white, try here.
How about this one? I could easily see this classic Scalamandre wall art in kids’ rooms… But the green color is lovely! You do know this particular setting is from a famous restaurant in NYC?
Have a wonderful day and next week we will ooh-aah about lovely country style walls.
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Around the World: BluLabel Bungalow – Northern America

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Around the World is finally back, and boy, am I excited to share this next blogger with you! Today we’re in Georgia, USA and we’re visiting the fabulous Erika of BluLabel Bungalow. This is what Karla from Kerrisdale Design had to say about her:

Erika and her blog BluLabel Bungalow have a permanent spot the top of my must-read list. With an exciting take on the latest in interior design, this blog never fails to inspire me. Erika has become a friend in the design blog world and I greatly admire her ability to balance a busy interior design business, motherhood {3 little ones!} and her wildly successful blog. Stop by the BluLabel Bungalow soon and enjoy!

– Karla

Hello Design Refuge, I greet you via Atlanta, Georgia! I’m Erika – wife, mother of 3, designer, and freelance writer. Whew! I run a full service design firm, Erika Ward Interiors, and I am the creator of the blog, BluLabel Bungalow.


On the blog, I inspire you to live well, to live in style, and aim to extinguish the myth that style and budget are mutually exclusive. I admit that interior design and fashion vie for my attention, so you will also find that I sneak a little fashion into the mix!


I also like to share with readers my work and the inspiration behind it all…

Won’t you join me? Please visit BluLabel Bungalow for more inspiration and design chat. You can also find me on twitter (I always tweet back!) and facebook. Thanks!

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