Things to Look at When It’s Time For a New Water Heater

Did you know that your heating household water is the second largest expense in your home according to the Department of Energy. Most people are unaware of the choices you have when looking at buying a new hot water heater. Most people will simply go by a recommendation from a local plumber. How many of us actually think about what kind and size of a hot water heater we need. Typically, the only time you think about the water heater is when you do a load of wash and water is all over the floor.

What To Look At When Buying a New Hot Water Tank

If you have less than five people in your home and you find that you don’t use an excessive amount of hot water, you probably don’t need much more than a small system. You can choose a central hot water tank or opt for one of the newer on demand water heaters if you feel it would be more convenient to have instant hot water at the turn of the tap. The instant hot water systems are more expensive to install, so this is more of a luxury for low usage. These instant water heaters, (also called on demand hot water) are better suited for bigger homes with more consumption to help offset the higher installation costs.

It is recommended that you consult a heating service company for advice on the unit size and capacity you’l need to suit the hot water consumption in your home. A common rookie mistake is to buy the wrong system that is either too much for your needs, or too small in which case overworks the system, causing problems way too early in it’s life.

The choices will “boil down” to balancing the installation cost against usage. Typically, you’ll find that over time the cost to run the system becomes the most important factor regarding your budget. It’s fairly easy to get over the installation costs, but ongoing utility bills can get out of hand sometimes. Keep in mind that once the new system is in place, its permanent. There’s no way you’re going to rip it out after the fact and replace it with something better, just because…

How To Maximize Savings

You can pick up fiberglass or foam insulation at the local hardware store and wrap the piping with it to help retain heat. Also, look at piping that passes through unheated areas such as crawl spaces, attics and carports to make sure those pipes are also wrapped with insulation.

Flush The Tank

If you have a traditional hot water tank flush the system every year to keep it clean. This helps prevent sediment build-up on the bottom of the tank and will prolong the tanks life. They tend to rust out over time if they are left to the elements. It also helps to keep the pipes running cleaner because plumbing pipes do tend to accumulate build up which restricts water flow over time. Inner pipe corrosion is the reason older homes need to have the plumbing replaced over time. This is what’s referred to as re-piping. A seriously expensive job. One you can prolong or avoid if you take care of the hot water tank like we suggest.

When It’s Time For Repair

In some cases, hot water tank service is needed at the five to eight year mark for one reason or another. If this happens to you, then it’s best to find a good heating company close to me with a good reputation. They will be your best bet for taking care of that kind of thing.

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