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Plumbing Service Renfrew Collingwood

Pioneer Plumbing and Heating is your go-to plumber in Vancouver for everything from a backed up toilet or a leaky faucet, to furnace repair, HVAC replacement, air conditioning repair and commercial boiler maintenance. Everything from a residential plumbing problem to commercial plumbing repair. We are there for you.

Plumbing Parts and Service in my Area in Renfrew Collingwood

Plumbing Parts and Service in my Area in Renfrew Collingwood

We’re a professional plumbing company who’s able to sort out all your plumbing needs, including installation, routine maintenance, fixing leaks and all sorts of plumbing work in commercial and residential environments. Tub, tap or toilet… no matter what you need you can call on us to send a registered plumber to take care of things in a respectful and efficient manner.

Emergency Plumbing Services

Repair services can vary from minor issues – for example a leaky faucet – to those that are, or possibly may be, calamitous. Our plumbers can offer the experience, tools and skills to take care of any sort of predicament that you come upon, and they’re specialists at pretty much anything from replacement piping to resolving leaks.

We’re able to immediately resolve any plumbing issues that could cause concern in your home or business premises. If you have a plumbing related emergency, please contact us. We have an emergency 24 hour plumber on call and will dispatch to your home ASAP. Any time day or night, you’ll be able to count on us for patient and timely assistance in your time of need. We realize precisely how irritating plumbing dilemmas tend to be, especially if it’s an emergency situation outside of the normal working day.

Every Kind of Plumbing Installation

We at Pioneer Plumbing have got a long standing reputation for high quality work. Irrespective of whether you want to have some insulating pipe, or a brand new kitchen basin installed, or you need a re-piping or installation in a residential or commercial premises, we’ve got the expertise and on-site experience to make sure all jobs are done correctly.

We’re furthermore a recognized leader for updating plumbing systems in older properties, something we have been undertaking for several years, most noticably in the many fabulous houses in Vancouver’s West End.

Our residential and commercial plumbing service is your best option for either newer homes or heritage properties all over Greater Vancouver.

If you need leaky faucet repair work done call us for a quick quote by phone, so you know what you are looking at. Our office number – (604) 872-4946

No job too big or small, we can fix it. When you need a plumber or are looking for plumbing contractors we are the logical choice. Recommended by your friends and neighbors as their go-to unclog bathtub experts. No matter what the problem, you can count on us. For the fastest service, use this phrase in search plumbers in my area. Our name usually comes up



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Plumbing Parts and Service Renfrew Collingwood


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Top Plumbing Services

We are a plumbing repair service company who can tackle all your plumbing needs, including leak repairs, installations, routine maintenance or any type of plumbing work in commercial and residential settings. Tub, toilet or tap… anything you need you can call on us to send out an accredited plumber to take care of things in a polite and efficient fashion.

Emergency Plumbing

Repairs can run from the minor variety – for instance a dripping faucet – to more critical ones which are, or might be, disastrous. Our professional plumbers have the tools, experience and skills to resolve almost any problem that pops-up, and they’re specialists at pretty much anything from troubleshooting leaks to replacement piping.

We can promptly sort out any problems with plumbing which may occur at your home or business premises. For all your plumbing emergencies, don’t hesitate to call. We have invariably got a 24 hour emergency plumber available who’ll be sent out to your home as quickly as possible. Regardless of what the time of day or year, you will be able to count on us for fast and considerate assistance in your time of need. We appreciate how annoying plumbing dilemmas are, in particular if it is an emergency situation outside of the regular working day.

All Types of Installations

Pioneer Plumbing is proud of its long standing reputation for superior quality workmanship. Irrespective of whether you would like to have some insulating pipe or a nice new kitchen sink put in, or you require an installation or re-piping in a residential or commercial premises, we’ve got the know-how and working experience to make certain all jobs are done in accordance with the guidelines.

We are also an established leader for modernizing the pipework in older homes, a thing we have been undertaking for a long time now, especially in the gorgeous properties in the West End of Vancouver.

Our exceptional residential and commercial plumbing service is the ideal choice for both older homes and newer homes throughout Greater Vancouver.

There is one constant when it comes to plumbing, water is tricky stuff and has a mind of it’s own. When you are looking to do plumbing yourself there are a few things you need to keep in mind.

No matter what, leaks will happen and there is no short cut to correct them. There are no magic pastes or powders that will stop a leak permanently (no matter what the TV says). If you have a leak and want to fix it, use the proper materials and the correct procedures. You need to use copper on copper and plastic with plastic.

When working with plastic always clean it, deburr it and use the appropriate cement to get a good seal. With copper you want to polish the surface with emory cloth, deburr the inside, and use a lot of flux prior to soldering the joint.

When you are working with compression fittings you won’t need any solder. There is a metal sleeve that squishes tightly against the fittings to prevent leaks. You can only use the sleeve once so make sure you have it sitting properly before you do your final tightening.

There is no logic when it comes to plumbing sizes. A sink faucet supply hose is a different diameter than a toilet supply hose. A kitchen sink supply line will not work for a bathroom supply line. Also, your toilet can have three different distances from the wall, and there are countless different toilet flappers and faucet washer sizes. Usually the best guarantee to getting the correct part is to take it with you when you purchase the new one.

Usually a good salesperson can tell you what parts you will need, but help them out by bringing in your parts. If you can’t, take a picture to show them. There is nothing worse than having to run to the supply store several times, just to get a ten cent washer.

If you are taking on the challenge of your own plumbing repairs, make sure you have the right tools, supplies and parts before you start your job. Plumbing is not really difficult, but remember that water is tricky, so if you try to take short cuts it will out smart you.

Pioneer Plumbing & Heating Inc
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Vancouver, BC
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